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QC Bearing - The best kept secret in the industry!


Hangzhou City in the Southern Chinese Province of Zhejiang is the home of the Wanxiang Group Companies. The modern industrial city of Hangzhou has all the resources and labor skills required for the efficient production of Quality Bearing Products.

QC Bearing is a division of the Wanxiang America Corporation and is dedicated to producing high quality bearings and components for both the OEM and after-market sectors. QC Bearing guarantees our trusted clients World Class Quality at Competitive Prices.

The QC Bearing Company produces a wide range of bearing types and sizes. A full range of tapered roller bearings in both inch and metric dimensions are produced, as well as a complete line of ball bearings, needle bearings, other roller bearings, water pump bearings and many special bearings. QC Bearing meets all ISO and AFBMA standards.

The Quality Assurance Laboratories located at each of our manufacturing plants are First Class. Constant attention follows all bearings through the production process. Automated machinery assures consistent quality for all of your repeat orders. At QC Bearing, our total commitment to quality is a team effort!

Even our toughest competitors say: "Where is it made?... It doesn't matter." What does matter most to our customers is World Class Quality at competitive prices. From approval of your sample to shipment around the world, QC Bearing works to be your most reliable bearing supplier.

Our Guarantee: Once you approve a QC Bearing for your specific use, we guarantee trace-ability to the plant that produced your sample. All parts carry the QC Bearing Guarantee of Quality with a full replacement warranty.

Clean and modern facilities, with automated equipment allow us to supply consistent quality for all repeat orders.

Quality is what makes QC Bearing one of the leading manufacturers in the World!

ISO/TS 16949:2002

Wanxiang America
Corporation / Contact Info:
Jeff DeWitt
88 Airport Road
Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 847-622-8838
Fax: 847-931-4838


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