Founded in 1978 by Gary Sihler and Franz Frei, GTI represents some of the most respected semiconductor equipment and machine tool manufacturers in the world. GTI Technologies combines the latest in European, Japanese and US technology to meet the full range of your manufacturing needs. Whether it's multiwire slicing, gas abatement, tape lamination, precision backgrinding, or production grinding, GTI will continuously strive to find better products, methods and technologies to help make you more competitive.

Meccanodora is a European manufacturer of long standing who specializes in high production grinding equipment for automotive and bearing applications. The program includes OD, ID and combination OD/ID grinders for varieties of applications including:

  1. Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ)
  2. Outer race (OD faces, ID radius)
  3. Inner race (Ball tracks)
  4. Cage (OD, ID, face and windows)
  5. Tripod spider (Bearing journals)
  6. Bearing ODís
  7. Bearing IDís
  8. Gears
  9. Housings Shafts