IPSEN International is a business group with companies in Europe, USA and Asia. IPSEN are one of the largest suppliers of heat treatment installations to the automotive, aircraft, tooling and machine construction industries, as well as to commercial heat treatment shops. Because of global structure, IPSEN can ensure that the most modern available technologies and techniques in heat treatment are made available to national and international customer base, on a worldwide scale. IPSEN heat treatment installations are modified in her manufacturing plants in Europe, USA, India and China, to satisfy the different relevant standards applicable in specific countries.

The heat treatment installations and their implemented process technology are designed and equipped to harmonize with each other to provide an optimal solution for specific applications. The equipment may be a single-chamber furnace installation, suitable for smaller throughputs or, large continuous furnace units designed for mass-production.

The automation, regulation and control of the complete heat treatment operation, and its integration into the manufacturing line (FMS, JIT), is typical of today’s requirements.
At IPSEN, IPSEN has the worldwide expertise and engineering experience to translate specific customer need into a practical, complete system.