The Gurrea family founded G.H. INDUSTRIAL in Valencia in 1961. The initials G.H. stand for Gurrea Hermanos. The first activity of the new company was the manufacturing of electronic machines for H.F. plastic welding.

GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A. is the holding company of the GH GROUP. Located in Valencia (Spain), GH ELECTROTERMIA's main activities are Electrothermics (induction heating systems) and Electronics (feeding supplies).

As a consequence of its essential features, the induction heating has the following advantages:

. The heat generates inside the part.

. The element that transmits the

heat (the inductor) is cold.

. The thermal mass of the

equipment is very low.

. The heating times are very slow,

they last a few seconds.

It is possible to apply a local heat, and it will not affect the rest of the part. This process is repetitive and easy to manage. It is especially suitable for medium and long series.

On the contrary, it has got the following constraints: The economic investment is usually higher than for a conventional furnace (electric, gas...).

It is not suitable for short series. Most of the times it is necessary to build one inductor for each part model.