Fair Friend Group was established on Mar. 15, 1979. To meet the demands of its customers and gain a leading position in the market, the Fair Friend Group has been cooperating with world-famous manufacturers. This has increased the competitiveness off Fair Friend's products in the global market.

Among its various products, the most outstanding achievement of Fair Friend is its research and development in machine tools. The Machine Tools Division of Fair Friend was established in 1985.

With the efforts in its pursuit of excellence and the strong R&D force, FEELER products has won various awards over the years. From the Machine Tool Innovation Award, "CHENG" mark, ISO-9002 quality assurance certificate, to certified supplier for defense products. All these awards has established has contributed to the highly regarded image of FEELER machine tools, which has risen to compete with other leading manufacturers in Taiwan. In 1994, FEELER machine tools won the National Gold Award of Excellence. It is the first and only time that this award has been granted to an industrial product manufacturer. Moreover, FEELER machines won the National Award of Excellence in the following 2 consecutive years. In 1996, Fair Friend Machine Tools Division received the Industrial Development Award granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of ROC. All these honors and awards proved that Fair Friend's emphasis of innovation in R&D has paid off over the years.